Thursday, December 27, 2012

Praying for the families of the children who lost their lives so needlessly just before Christmas.
Poem written after the shooting deaths of the children in Connecticut:

After the Storm....
       by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Wiping the tears from a cheek
   We embark upon another week
Knowing not what the days will bring, 
   And still...within my heart I sing
   The Carols of my childhood.

A blessed Babe born to us so long ago
  Who lived and died because He loved us   so,
And we sing Christmas Carols in His memory
  So we will never forget when Love first started
For you and for me....
        in a lowly manger.

Tuesday, December 25, 2012


My first Christmas without you my darling Bill. ♥

Young Love, Our Love
    by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Remember when first we met
That just feeling your fingers
Entwined in mine gave us a
Feeling of Heaven sent?

The warmth of your kiss
In the shadow of a tree
As we walked hand in hand
And no one could see.

How lucky I felt that you chose me,
How blessed I felt God gave you to me.
A lasting love so sweet, so fine,
Nothing could part us save an act divine
  The day God took your hand from mine.

I pray someday I will hold your hand again,
In Heaven, if God will let me in.
I miss you so much on this Christmas Day
Ever since God took you away
  To live with Him forever.
I love you Bill.                                12-25-2012

Monday, December 10, 2012

Going back in time in my Poetry

Spring of 1989

       by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

The hummingbird outside 
Rests not in flight to feed.
His little, fairy wings
Just labor through the deed.

One last trip ends at dusk
A last sip for the road
Then off he darts, I know not where
Past the crickets and the toad.

     ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Bobwhite, he calls at daybreak
What a lovely greeting for the day!
He makes me smile to hear the call
As I start along my way.

"Bob-white?" he questions,
As another answers from afar
And I catch a glimpse of little running feet
As a family runs through the yard.
      by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart
          (Written in the 1980's)

There is but one comforting place 
In all of God's earth -
It's in the arms of Jesus
That a man discovers his worth.
It matters not what riches
We may attain in life
For in the end, for all its worth
It is not as important as the widow's mite!

So give to the Lord his due
In time, prayer and treasure
And in return He will give you 
Blessings without measure.
Did He not already give to you
His only precious Son?
He will never be satisfied, nor will you
Until your heart and soul He has won.
        by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Whenever I walked in shadow
Whenever I was sad
God reached down and pulled me up, 
He reminded me that I already have
the very best He had.

I already have Jesus to love and comfort me
Oh how glad I am that God gave His son 
For you and yes, for me.
Written August 4, 1997 remembering the little house on Logan
Street in Auburn, NY....
   by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Among the shadows on the wall,
I see a figure thin and tall
Reflected from a flame so small
   In a little Kerosene heater.

Brother Joe and I would sit
As close as the heat would permit
  burning broom straws
Poked through the decorative holes
And sometimes sing old songs.

The best designs were always dancing
On the ceiling overhead
And precious little heat
Ever reached our cold, cold beds.

But the light from the little stove
Was none the less inviting and warm
And the little Kerosene heater
Got us through many a winter's storm.
       by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

The Lord hears my prayers.
He heals my heart, quiets my mind.
He is here with me always, in my heart, 
In my mind, even in the seat beside me
When I drive.

When I am down, He pulls me up.
When I am sad, He makes me Glad with joy.
He softens life's blows, dulls the pains,
He enriches me spiritually, restores my soul.
God is so good, God is The Great "I AM."

The Lord is the music of my soul
The laughter in my dreams,
The mender of me,
The greatest friend I'll ever have
He accepts me "Just As I Am".

Written 8/04/97
(Reminiscing about living in an Apartment 
  as a teen with my parents.)

   by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

From the window on the third floor
Above the steamy pavement
Where exhaust from many autos
Wafts up and up from far below
A girl stands watching and dreaming
As life passes by...

Across the street is France Atlantic Station
And beyond the High School yard
Where there is a patch of green
The only lawn to be found
And the girl dreams of country fields,
Where the only sounds around are bees....

There's such a longing to be free,
Such a yearning to find the "me"
Within her sad and lonely heart
Where all the dreams began their start.

And she prays to God above
To help her find that one true love
And he answered.....and gave her ♥BILL♥.

Bill carved this plaque for me from a saying we had read.  Each word is cut separately on the scroll saw and then glued on the wooden plaque.  I could not believe how even when ill he could cut such tiny delicate things despite his shaking hands....Made with pure love....

My poetic heart to yours...