Sunday, September 25, 2011



Little Fish :)

Country Air
        ©by Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

It is amazing how fresh air can make the heart sing
How walking along a Lake's bank,
So much joy can bring!
Far away from cares and woes,
No shaving for Bill,
Anything goes!

Nothing but the sound of birds,
Our softened voices exchanging words,
Expressing our joy of God and nature.

God gave man a paradise
But man turned it into industrial space.
Filled it with noise, sins and folly
Man turned away from God's face
Leaving Paradise behind...

Can we not strike a happy medium?
Existing in the modern world
With God and not the loss of Eden?
Take time to enjoy all of God's gifts
And accept the role of caretaker
"to keep and till the earth."
And show our Lord your worth.

Do whatever you can to keep
Our air and water clean.
So we will not have to weep
Because we lost it all...


   ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

You sit in the chair, eyes closed
As I look upon your relaxed face
And thank God that we can still
  Share this camping space.

That you can still throw out a line
And catch a sunfish and feel fine
As you free it from your hook
  and line.

I love that we still walk hand in hand
Along Lake banks with soft brown sand
That we still laugh at simple things
That being together still makes our hearts sing
  And our love has never waned.
   Note: We just came back this week from 3 days camping
And sweet hubby can no longer cast the line of his fishing
rod because it is too painful for him... 9/25/11


  1. Great pictures and I loved both poems.

  2. I read a quote that suburbia is where they bulldoze down the trees, then name the streets after them. God made us the caretakers of the earth, but it seems we are not doing such a good job...

  3. We'll need to wait for the reign of Christ for the earth to be what it should be.

    But you can still be Adam and Eve together, it seems!