Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Wedding Poetry

I dream of writing greeting card verses like Helen Steiner Rice.  Some of these wedding poems were written for friends and relatives and I am sharing now with you.

For Tami and Ed:

Today, as we stand here before God
And give to one another all of self
To share and treasure from this day forward.

May the blessings of God's love shower down upon us,
Giving new meaning to our lives.
Merging two hearts together we are the whole.

May the sun never set with anger between us,
and may we ever rise with love
And a song of praise on our lips.
For the Creator found a perfect match for 
   each of us.  
He in his wisdom knew what each of us needed.

Now we have pledged to one another
All of our love, our lives, our hearts.
And in God's great scheme of things, 
May we always be a part.

I bring to you little but a loving, humble heart.
And you give to me a beauty from within and 
A promise never to part.

Lord, bless this sacred day when two hearts are 
     joined as one.
May we never forget as we walk life's path, to walk
    beside the Son.
My Christian heart to yours...

Our Wedding Day

Today, I will be giving up all the single parts of me
I humbly give them over to the oneness of you and me.
What God has preciously joined, let no man part.
For today and for always, we will hold 
   each other in our hearts.
After the last toast and when all the guests are gone
What remains is God's gift of love 
To build our new lives on.

Our Wedding Day
                   ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

This is the day you and I have waited for.
Remember, this day can never happen again.
There will never be a moment so sweet
A beginning so fresh and new.

Something old, something new, something
borrowed, something blue.
A lifetime of dreams to share with you.

                                 ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Whatever can I give to you
On this our blessed day.
Will you accept a loving heart
And little else, I pray?

I've nothing in this world
That is worthy to bestow
Upon such a love as sweet as you are
God has blessed me so.

What can I still tell you that you've 
not heard before?
"I love you", seems inadequate for
what I am feeling but saying
With words so poor.

I guess I 'll just give to you, my pledge
That I will cherish forever what we have
And all the things that happen today
In memories we will save.

I pray to God to bless this holy union made
I pray that through the coming years
Our Love will never fade.
But grow stronger, bigger, better until
There is no room anywhere
To hold the wonderful feelings
That we have and will always share!

For a Granddaughter's Wedding Day
© Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Whose little feet did I hear
Running down the hall
Whose little giggle did I hear
When I warned you not to fall?

Whose little braids went bouncing
That first day of kinder school
Whose little pictures were put on the frig
As you climbed the kitchen stool?

Who came to show us the Prom dress, 
And the Graduation hat
The first car, the first date
We weren't prepared fore that.

Who is that walking down the aisle
Granddaughter, can that be you? 
Grandpa gave you something old,
I gave you something blue.

How beautiful you are
How wonderful you've been
Praise God we are here to see this day
And may someday hear little feet again...

                     ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

When you were a child, we could never imagine
    Walking you down the aisle.
It seemed like such a long way off
     It was hard to think you would grow up
As you played in the old sand pile.

When you were a teen, it was hard to let go.
We always wanted to cushion your blows.
And when we bought your prom gown
I saw how lovely you had grown.

Well, that little girl in pigtails
Has grown far from the vine.
And now someone else has your heart
But I'll always hold you in mine.

And someday may you be blessed
With a precious girl or boy
You will understand all the love and pride we feel
Dear daughter, you are such a joy!

As we give you to another
Who loves you as much as we
Remember home is where the hug is 
And the hugs are from Dad and me.
More to come soon, thank you for stopping by,
    My poetic heart to yours....


We called him "Uncle Frank" our affectionate name for him but in reality he was our friend, our mentor, and the doctor who delivered my children.  He passed  but 8 months after my Bill in September of 2012.  And this is what I wrote remembering his love, sharing and caring....

Uncle Frank
        ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart
Uncle Frank, as we would say
Went to live with the Lord today.
Went to live with my sweet Bill
Tears of sadness from my heart I spill.

You were a good Christian man
Ever since I met you when you were thirty two.
You delivered our children, Christine and Dan
And became a life-long friend, yes, YOU.

Your kindness gave us a start in life
When we were struggling in our youth.
And renting your house on the farm
Brought us even closer to your family
As Bill worked with you arm in arm.

You and Sonny remained our friends
All through these 50 years
Sharing love and laughter and even tears.
Good memories Frank, thank you, my dear.

I pray that you are with my Bill
and your passing was God's will.
As cancer took you both this year
I will always remember you with
  a smile and a tear...
My Christian heart to yours...