Friday, March 2, 2012


Missing you....
     ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart 

I love you Bill, my shining star
In Heaven you are very far
From earthly things and me.

And though you walk now on 
   Heaven's shore,
I still mourn because no more,
Can I feel the warmth of you.

My heartache will never end
If my days be short or long
Always the days I will spend
Longing to be with you.

I've never known a pain so great
Than when I lost you, my loving mate...
  of 52 wonderful years.

A fire still burns within my heart
You will forever be a part 
  of all that is within me.

Tears cannot put out the flame
As I know you loved me the same,
And even death cannot part us.

I long for kisses I cannot feel
When you were here and so real
Never did you give up the fight
When illness took away the light
That always shone within you.

Heaven has an Angel bright
Who will lighten up the darkest night
Pure love shines from afar
Your goodness assures me where you are
   With Jesus and the Father.

I could never express in words so small
How much I loved you all
 the days of my life and more.
I will love you for eternity
And pray that someday I will be
United again with you I plea.
  As forever you will be a part of me.
Written 2-17-12


  1. My dear Kerrie..

    My heart is filled with compassion over the loss of your sweetness. And words, as you know, though they may come powerfully at times, fall short of expressing comfort. For as you say in your lovely poems, though you know he is in his heavenly triumph, and reveal in the joy for his sake, it cannot console the emptiness of him within your physical space.

    Your poetry is truly expressive, and poignantly tells of a Love held together by the umbilical cord of Spirit. How happy I am for you that you were able to experience such a Love.

    But you are right to say that he is not really departed from you. You are in his sight and he will be active within your life. Hard to believe, but still true.

    Keep expressing all that is within you. Be everything that you came to earth to be. Raise your voice within the world, even if some days it is only a whisper. A whisper can ring loud and clear for those who have ears to hear.

    Thank you for coming to visit Leisure Lane, and you are welcome always.

    Marianne xo

  2. What a lovely poem of someone you loved so much. It truly brings tears to my eyes and I can feel the hurt and longing. It is great to get those feelings out for it makes for some awesome writing.

    I am a friend of Marianne's from Leisure Lane. She and I have been good friends for many, many years and she is a delightful lady. I found you through her blog.

    You and your dear sweet husband have spent many wonderful years together. What a great blessing to have those moments. It is sad to say that a lot of people don't endure through those times. So you and your husband have left some great footprints upon this world. Something to really be proud of and cherish.

    My heart goes out to you dear Kerrie. My own father had passed away of cancer and we all know it is a horrible thing. But it sounds like you are still so connected to him and he will keep delighting your heart until you see him again.

    Keep writing those lovely poems.
    Down Memory La La Lane