Wednesday, June 12, 2013


We called him "Uncle Frank" our affectionate name for him but in reality he was our friend, our mentor, and the doctor who delivered my children.  He passed  but 8 months after my Bill in September of 2012.  And this is what I wrote remembering his love, sharing and caring....

Uncle Frank
        ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart
Uncle Frank, as we would say
Went to live with the Lord today.
Went to live with my sweet Bill
Tears of sadness from my heart I spill.

You were a good Christian man
Ever since I met you when you were thirty two.
You delivered our children, Christine and Dan
And became a life-long friend, yes, YOU.

Your kindness gave us a start in life
When we were struggling in our youth.
And renting your house on the farm
Brought us even closer to your family
As Bill worked with you arm in arm.

You and Sonny remained our friends
All through these 50 years
Sharing love and laughter and even tears.
Good memories Frank, thank you, my dear.

I pray that you are with my Bill
and your passing was God's will.
As cancer took you both this year
I will always remember you with
  a smile and a tear...
My Christian heart to yours...

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  1. What a beautiful poem Kerrie. He sounds like he was a very good person. We all could use one of those in our lifetime.