Monday, August 26, 2013

You Can Go Home Again...

Good morning friends, I've missed you.  I am now in my home in Auburn, NY, my hometown.  It is so good to be here!

I can come home again
  @Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

I have always heard it said
  You can't go home again.
But I am pleased to tell you, 
  You CAN come home again!

The streets of my hometown, 
Are still the same to me,
The sidewalks leading to downtown
Or anywhere else I choose to be.

My town is full of history
With homes of famous people
And churches are still standing 
With towering bell towers and steeple.

I have missed you sweet place of my birth
I longed to return to you, my roots, my worth.
I feel closer to my Bill again,
Remembering our youth as we were then.

I am finding peace and calmness here
Thank you Lord for bringing me here.
Whatever time I have left on earth,
I choose to spend it in the town of my birth.


  1. I am so happy to hear you are finally settled in your new home. I like your poem, but I wished I could say the same about where I grew up. I go down to some of the places we did live and they are all gone to parking lots or stores and even worse slum areas.

    1. Some of that is true here, also. Many years ago they built an arterial hwy that bypasses the city and a large mall that it went by on the west side of town. The mall is still there but it really killed the Downtown street traffic and now they are trying to regenerate it. It is really lovely though and the street I live on has many houses that have permits and they are updating them. So that is encouraging! Thank you so much for coming and commenting! ♥