Sunday, March 9, 2014


Whose heart is hurting today, who can you comfort?  When you give, you receive and kindness is rewarded.

           by Kerrie O’Hearn Marquart     3/09/14 

Kindness is its own reward, this I know ‘tis true
For when I show kindness to others, 
It makes my heart swell with joy
As Lord, I feel filled with You.

There are those who need comfort
And we may be the only one 
Who can comfort them this day.
You never know what your Hug can do
When given in a Jesus way.

Sadness is a lonely place when one feels alone
But sharing the burden with others
Lessens the heaviness they hold
Be Christian sisters and brothers
Welcome them into the fold.

A heart may be hurting, 
A tear may be ready to spill
But you can make a difference
If only, only you will.
Bless you for your kindnesses
For God loves a cheerful giver ~still.

                          2 Corinthians 9 

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