Tuesday, June 5, 2012

More poems written in times past...

Adding more poetry as I find them in my many filled notebooks over the years.  I hope you enjoy them...

1/4/1993  Bill, Did I ever mention...
     ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Darling did I ever mention
how much you mean to me
How much I love your chin,
your lips, your eyes reflectiing goodness within?

Did I mention how my heart pounds
When I hear your falling step
How I love to watch you sleeping
Your unruly hair unkempt?

How I love your sun burned hands
The wrinkle in your brow
Every hair upon you head and
Every funny little toe?

Did I mention when you hold me
How safe and wonderful I feel
How of Love the sound of your voice
How I pray for you as I kneel?

Have I told you what the years have meant to me
To have the wonderful closeness that we share
When we walk along still holding hands 
In quiet moments our souls we bare?

Could you ever even imagine
Just how much I love you Bill?
I know I cannot put it into words
So I'll just kiss you and be still.

Granddaughters and Grandsons
     ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Granddaughters were made for loving
Grandmothers were made for hugs
Grandfathers were meant for teasing
Grandsons were made to catch bugs.

Little hands were made to get dirty
Little dolls were made to hold
Little trucks were made to push
Elders were made to scold.

Little feet were made to run
Little smiles were meant to please
Little ones were made to have fun
Grandparents made to age with ease.

Little girls grow up to be mommies
Little Boys grow up to be dads
They all grow up to be grandparents
If they are lucky lasses and lads!

For there is no greater pleasure
Than a granddaughter or grandson
Old age's wonderful reward
For having once loved someone.



Whatever can I give to you
On this our blessed day
Will you accept a loving heart 
And little else I pray?

I've nothing in this world
That is worthy  to bestow
Upon such a love as sweet as you
God has blessed us so.

What can I tell you that you've 
   not heard before?
"I love you", seems inadequate
 for what I am feeling but saying 
  with words so poor.

I'll just give to you my pledge
That I will cherish forever what we have
And all the things that happen today
In years of memories we will save.

I pray for God to Bless this holy union made
I pray that through the coming years
Our love will never fade.
But grow stronger, bigger better until
  There is no room anywhere
To hold all the wonderful feelings
That we have and will always share.


May be used for a Granddaughter's Wedding Day

Granddaughter On her Wedding Day
            ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Whose little feet did I hear
Running down the hall?
Whose little giggles did I hear
When I warned you not to fall?

Whose little braids went bouncing
That first day of kinder school?
Whose little pictures were put on the frig
As you climbed the kitchen stool?

Who came to show us the Prom Dress
The graduation hat?
The first car, the first date
We were not prepared for that!

Who is that walking down the aisle
Granddaughter, can that be you?
Grandpa gave you something old, 
I gave you something blue.

How beautiful you are
How wonderful you've been.
Praise God we were here to see this day
And may we someday hear little feet again...


Daughter's Marriage
    ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

When you were a child we could never imagine
  You walking down the aisle.
It seemed like such a long way off
  It was was hard to think of you all grown up
As you played in the old sand pile.

When you were a teen, it was hard to let go.
We always wanted to cushion your blows
And when we bought your prom gown
We saw how lovely you had grown.

Well that little girl in pigtails
Has grown far from the vine
And now someone else has your heart
But I will always hold you in mine.

And someday may you be blessed
With a precious girl or boy
You will understand all the love 
  And pride we feel
Dear daughter you are such a joy.

As we give you to another
  Who loves you as much as we
Remember home is where the hug is
  And the hugs are from Dad and me.


A Daughter's Wedding Day
   © Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Do you remember when you climbed upon your Daddy's knee?
And told him all the worldly things, you wanted on Christmas eve?
Remember sitting by the fire and singing country songs?
And whenever you had a problem, Daddy could right all wrongs?

Remember your first school dance And all the pictures that we snapped?
And that tap dance recital, How we clapped and clapped?
Remember when you came home with the boy who had long hair?
And Dad and I were speechless, trying not to stare.

It was all a part of growing up and we were growing, too.
We watched a little girl become the real grown up you.
And in case we haven't told you, we sure are proud of what you've become
And you know you can still climb on Daddy's lap whenever you visit home.

©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Today I saw a little girl all grown up and dressed in white.
And as she walked down the aisle, tears I had to fight.
I'm remembering that little head in a small, toy cluttered bed.
How we would kiss you and ask God to Bless
We still do that, we confess.

All the years you were growing up went by so quickly it would seem.
We enjoyed every minute though, sharing all of your hopes and dreams.
All the fishing trips, the sled rides, the camping fires
Ponytails, prom dresses, remember learning how to drive?

Today I also see a young woman, I am so proud to be her Mom
Reluctantly, I must let go, just as do all other Moms.
And I pray that God will bless you and you will remember your old home
Where the hug is always waiting and the coffee's on the stove.


                        Daughter Barbara and Granddaughter Jessica

To Christine on her Wedding Day  Written in 1/5/1993 

    ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

You looked so pretty in pink, Our little bundle from above 
We brought you home from the hospital and gave you all our love.
You looked so pretty in plaid as you marched off to school
And I missed your laughter in the house
While you were learning the golden rule.

You looked so pretty in white on Your First Communion Day
Little hands lifted in prayer, Celebrating the Lord's supper that way.
You looked so good in Red as you danced across the stage
In the book of growing up, you turned another page.

You looked so pretty in white on your graduation day
All those children all grown up tossing hats and going their way.
You looked so great in blue, that distinguished Air Force Blue.
No more our little girl, was that really you?

You looked so beautiful in white as you walked down the aisle
And since we brought you home in pink seems only a little while.
What happened dear sweet daughter, it all went by so fast!
But isn't that just like a Mom, wanting your childhood to last?

Goodbye my darling daughter, take good care of her, young man.
And you will look so pretty in any color, when you come home to chat again.


Happy Birthday Harold
   ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Happy birthday Harold, it has been a long, long time.  
Since you used to come and see the kids
To tell us stories and make us laugh
And sometimes make us cry.
We miss you very much and like all adult children, 
Perhaps did not realize your worth until it was suddenly gone.

You are remembered in a special way, your face is always smiling
And your eyes are always bright.
Your hands are locked together while leaning on your knees
You are laughing and joking, all sadness is gone away.

Our children loved you dearly and I am sure they will remember and tell
About you to their children, life goes on and on.
Sometimes, fathers make mistakes but by the time they become a grandpa
They are naturally adapted to the role, and seem always to be special.

So let all grandparents be happy as they love the little ones
As Christ said, "Suffer the little children" and to him they all did come...

       ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart


You are my sunshine, you are my rock
  You are the fast beat of my heart.
You're my father sometimes and 
  Sometimes you are my brother
You are my best friend and 
  You are my lover.

You are everything to me
  All my family and friends 
That could ever be.
  And I love you more with each passing day 
Much more than any words can say.

How do I tell you how much I love you?
When you fold me up next to your big heart
In your great strong arms and hug
You make me feel so safe, so loved.

People say, "I Love You," in many different ways.
In greeting cards, with expensive gifts and flowers.
It has all been done and said before 
But the wonderful feelings I have for you
Even after 32 years, just cannot be ignored.

CHRISTMAS 1994  ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart

Joy to the world, a savior is born
Angels sing and sound the horn!
Cry out your praise, to heaven raise
An Hallelujah, to thank our Lord!

Thank you for this holy night
For Baby Jesus, light so bright.
Mary, Joseph, shepherds round
Wise men, beasts and bright star found.

Thank you for the blessed boy
The light of the world our hope, our joy!
No words can ever in eternity express
The gratitude for Him, our Holy Father's gift.

Thank you for coming to my site and reading my poetry.  There will be many more to come.
              In God's love, I enjoy the gift...of writing.


  1. All of these poems are so beautiful. Beautiful pictures also.

  2. Had a wander through - happy family, through grace.

    Agree about the granddaughters ...

    1. Thank you for taking time to read my poems! Yes, definitely through Grace...

  3. I love your poetry! I especially love "Granddaughters and Grandsons." It says it all...
    I love the photos of your family. So very dear.