Wednesday, August 22, 2012


HAPPY BIRTHDAY BILL! 8/21/12 FROM MY LIPS TO HEAVEN!  Here is a pic of my honey and me from last year on his birthday.  In 6 mos, he was gone but I know I will see him again...

Happy Birthday Honey

Today you would have been seventy three.
I've missed seeing your handsome face,
It has been eight months since the Lord
 ~Took you back from me.

I love all the memories of you 
And daily our life, I review
   ~in my mind.
Thanking God for you
Such a blessing you were
In my sweetest memories pure.

And I will kiss your photo and say 
  Happy Birthday
And I know you will hear me
In your heavenly way.

2   Bill's Birthday 73rd

I am missing you
I always will
I miss your sweet smile and touch
My Darling Bill.

I miss our praying
 before each meal
I miss sharing with you
 The love I feel.

For all of the love
 you gave to me.
But God said, "No" 
 to my appeal
To keep you here on earth
  ~with me.

And though your home
 is in heaven now
I still can feel your love
 here below
As I reminisce about you.

I always see you smiling
 as pain for you is over
Thanking God for 
 relieving your suffering
But I sure wish we could
 live life all over.

For I'd do it all again
Loving you as I did back when
 We fell in Love.
Love at first sight
Love at last
 will forever be my theme
Until I join you up above
  I will have to only dream.
      ©Kerrie O'Hearn Marquart


  1. I could not help but cry reading the wonderful poem you wrote. I wish Your Darling Bill a Happy Birthday too.

  2. That's a beautiful poem. So sorry for your loss. God bless you!

  3. "With Christ";
    "Asleep through Jesus";
    "The dead who die in the Lord";
    It's a great comfort.

  4. Happy have a wonderful God given gift in poetry to express yourself and your emotion...God bless you and a Happy Birthday to Bill.